Jim Gordon
Doug Morter

Singer /Songwriter. Producer. Founder member "The Backroom Boys" and "Then Came The Wheel".

Acoustic Records

Independent Label from Bergen in Norway.

Holy Ground Records/Blue Epitaph

Holyground recorded the " Ode by Blue Epitaph" back in 1973 and were Britain's first independent label. All eight original recordings highly prized collector's items.

Hungry John

Atle Johannsen, regular guitar player with Norwegian Blues legend, John Bernes, alias "Hungry John", guested with the Jim Gordon band in October 2006.
Hopefully the beginning of a long and good friendship as Atle is not only a great guitar player but a great guy as well.
Here is a link to the Hungry John web site for those who want to check out the band.

Northern Light Music

Management services, Festival booking etc.

David Cooper Singer/Songwriter

My very good friend David Cooper now living in Seattle. David is a great singer/songwriter.

Ole Amund Gjersvik Bass

Ole Amund Gjersvik is one of Norway's most respected bass players. There is an English translation available on site

"Havnelageret" Studio,Bergen

Daniel Birkeland and Calle Hamre's studio in Bergen where " Scenic Tours In The Darkness" was recorded and mixed.

Orchard County Music

Agency run by Brendan McKeever, from Larne in Ireland but now living near Oslo in Norway

MIC download page

You may download tracks from "Scenic Tours In The Darkness"

Kissing Spell Records

"Ode by Blue Epitaph" and other Holyground collectibles released on this label.

Gillian Gjelsvik

Blues Singer/Guitarist from England now living outside Bergen, Norway

Natalie Nordnes. Check video "Hours"

Natalie is a promising young Norwegian musician who has already made made quite a considerable reputation for herself. Check out the video...I play one of the passengers on the train.

Jens Falck Singer /Songwriter from Denmark

Jens has been playing with Doug Morter and Jerry Donahue recently.

John Jorgenson Band

The band includes Allan Thomson

John Martin

The one and only John Martin is included here because Allan Thomson and Arran Ahmun play in his band.

Errol Walsh

Errol is one of the best loved country rock musicians in Ireland.. hailing originally from Portstewart he lived in England for many years and now livesin Belfast.

Anthony John Clarke

A good friend,originally from Belfast, now living in Liverpool. Writes some great songs!


Unleash Your Music

The Owens

Daniel Birkeland and Calle Hamre's new project with Ove Svendsen.

Fedje Norway's most westerly community

The other half of the Gordon family hails from this wind swept island which is a great place to visit and recharge. The main reason why I live in Bergen!

I sound Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon on iSOUND.COM

Richard Gilpin

Richard Gilpin is a very talented Irish singer/songwriter. Richard releases his new cd in March 2007 and will be touring Ireland in the weeks before the release to promote the album, entitled "Loose Ends"